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Reference Manual

Rapid Streptococcus Group A by PCR
Alternate Test Name: Strep Throat, Beta Strep
ACM Test Number: 10159
Dept: Microbiology
Collection Container:
Collection Notes: Collect a throat culture using an E-swab transport kit. Use the swab provided with the collection kit to collect the sample. Do not use calcium alginate swabs, as they may contain substances that inhibit PCR testing.
Transport Temperature: Room Temperature
Specimen Volume: Preferred Volume: Throat specimen collected using E-Swab; Minimum Volume: Single E-Swab
Also Acceptable: Amies Culturette Swab
Performed: Monday - Sunday
Reported: <24 hours
Methodology: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
CPT: 87651
LOINC: 60489-2
Stability: Room Temperature: 3 Days; Refrigerated: NA; Frozen: NA
Reference Range:
Not Detected
Notes: Testing using this method is very sensitive. It is not necessary to perform a reflex culture for negative results.